Baggu Bags

The one thing that I dislike about my Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise bag is that it’s not very roomy. Unfortunately, I can’t fit my iPad in there or my work lunches. I was thinking about buying an actual lunch bag (like from Wal-mart), but hey… let’s be real here, they’re not really all that cute (lol).

Then I stumbled upon “Baggu” baggies on! Baggu are these adorable environmental-friendly reusable bags that come in so many different vibrant colours and designs (I mean come on, how cute is this seahorse baggu?).



My lunch bag dilemma was officially solved when sent me two seahorse baggus to review! The verdict? I love them! I actually bring my Baggu bags everywhere!

You can use your Baggu…
- As a lunch bag– for the kids or yourself!
- As a shopping bag for the grocery store or the market
- To carry around your books
- To carry around extra work clothes, or an extra pair of shoes

The possibilities are endless!

baggu2Seahorse Baggu – $9.00

The best part? Baggu bags are completely affordable! My seahorse baggu retails for just $9.00! And you don’t have to use your credit card to buy– you can even use a Paypal account if you have one!

How do you carry your lunch to work? Do you bring your lunch in your handbag or do you have a separate bag like a lunchbox (or Baggu)?


On my wishlist!

I seriously cannot wrap my head around the fact that Christmas is less than two weeks away! Normally, I’m all decked out and ready for Christmas (ie, shopping, decorating, baking etc.) by the beginning of December; but this year, I am so so off. I haven’t even sent out my Christmas cards yet! (They are, however, ready to be sent out– that counts for something, right?).

I’ve already compiled a Chapters/Indigo Holiday Gift Guide (which has some great options, so I would check it out!) and a Stocking Stuffers Guide, but I haven’t really shared my wishlist! Of course, I do not expect to receive everything on my list… it’s just wishful thinking ;)

wishlist1. Kate Spade Charlotte Street Small Sloan Bag
While I adore my Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise Bag that I purchased in September, I would love to have a slightly bigger version so I can store more things in it (ie, my iPad and a wallet!). I actually found a second-hand one, so I am actually hoping to get that! Hey, i’ll gladly (and proudly!) take a second-hand Kate Spade bag!

2. Kate Spade Skinny Mini Bow Studs
I have been lusting over these adorable skinny mini bow studs since the fall! I’m always wearing studs, so these would be the perfect little upgrade! Preferably in rose gold ;)

3. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume
I’ve mentioned this several times before– Flowerbomb is (by far) my favourite perfume! Sadly, my little bottle ran out a few weeks ago and I’ve been missing my signature scent dearly!

4. Kate Spade Rickee Boots (on sale!)
I’m ashamed to show you the boots that I am wearing right now (I received them last year for Christmas, but they’re in hard shape!). So this is one item that I need as the soles are seriously coming undone in the ones I own now! Yikes!

5. Kate Spade Bow Paperclips
Perhaps not a “must have,” but how adorable are these? For $12, I think these would be the perfect little stocking stuffer!

6. Kate Spade Thermal Mug
Ever since I popped by the Kate Spade section at Chapters, I’ve wanted this thermal mug! Actually, I left my old thermal mug at my old workplace in Ottawa by mistake (oops), so a new one is surely in order!

7. J.Crew Abstract Diamond PopOver
I really need to work on my wardrobe! This popover would be a great addition! I love popovers/blouses like these because they are so comfortable and you can wear them anywhere (at work, running errands, etc!).

8. Paul Mitchell Flat Iron
My flat iron hasn’t been working like it should lately, and I’ve been really thinking about investing in a new flat iron. Paul Mitchell flat irons are by far, my favourite! I actually owned one a few years ago but blew it up in Russia (yikes!).

9. Cable Knit Headband
Umm… so I have a confession– I do not own a pair of gloves, scarf, or headband/hat for my head! I’ve been searching for the cutest ones, but haven’t come across any that I liked (until now that is!). The weather here in Toronto is getting pretty cold, so a warm headband is a necessity!

10. LUSH bubble bars
I am such a big fan of LUSH bubble bars! Especially in the winter-time, where I tend to take multiple baths a week (it warms me up!). Again, LUSH bubble bars make great little stocking stuffers and any gal would be lucky to find one in her stocking!

11. The Lip Slipp by Sarah Happ
This stuff isn’t a real “must have” for my list, but I’ve been eyeing it for the last few weeks. Ideally, I would like to pop into J.Crew and smell it– a great scent is an A+ in my books!

12. VS The Dreamer Flannel Pajama (on sale!)
I have such a shortage of pyjamas that it’s unreal. A new flannel set would be more than amazing (plus, what’s a Christmas without a new pair of pyjamas?).

13. Deborah Lippman Best of Both Worlds Set
I’ve been lusting over the Deborah Lippman Best of Both Words nail polish set for a little over a month now (I’ve talked about it a few times on the blog already!). For $22, this is such a great deal!

14. Kate Spade Cobblestone Park Lacey Wallet (on sale!)
For months, I’ve been eyeing this Kate Spade Cobblestone Park Lacey wallet. I’ve been super close to buying it several times. The only reasons why I didn’t purchase was 1) because it was super expensive, $158; and 2) because it’s too big for my little cedar street maise bag :( If I ended up getting a bigger bag, this wallet would be a great little addition! Plus, it’s on sale for $110! Much, much better ;)

What’s on your Christmas wishlist? 


Toronto Christmas Market

This weekend was so much fun! Nancy from popped into town on Saturday, so the day was jammed packed with shopping, giggling, internet gossip (Kidding! Kind of…lol), and lots of walking!

First stop? Sephora (I didn’t buy anything. Wow!). Second stop? Anthropologie, Nancy’s favourite store. While I like a few things at Anthropologie, I’m not a huge fan of their style, but did manage to find a dress that I really liked. Third stop? Hemmingways! It’s a neat little pub in the Yorkville area… conveniently right next to the Kate Spade store ;)

While at Hemmingways, we talked lots and exchanged gifts! Look at the oh so wonderful treats that she gave me! An owl Christmas ornament (because I’m obsessed with Christmas), Purity syrup, and a caramel log bar (these two are very popular in Newfoundland!).


As usual, the food was fantastic! I was (somewhat) a good girl and opted for a chicken caesar salad… that is, until Nancy ordered some sweet potato fries on the side… then I had to get some too! Oops (but they were delish!).


My brain has seriously turned into mush (or maybe I’m getting old?), and I can’t quite tell you where we went next (maybe to the Eaton Centre again?). But around 5:00, when it started getting a little dark outside, we decided to walk to the Toronto Christmas Market!

Ahh! It was amazing (as I expected!). So many lights! …But so many people! And it was super cold out. After taking a few photos and walking around a bit (followed by a picture with Santa– ha!), Nancy and I decided to walk on back.




At the end, we were seriously so tired (and cold). We sat in the food court of the Eaton Centre, with our white peppermint mochas, for at least twenty minutes. You know, trying to defrost ourselves! But it was super fun nevertheless!

Have you ever been to the Toronto Christmas Market before?


Recipe | How to make snowball cookies


One of my favourite things to do during the holidays is to bake a bunch of Christmas cookies! …But not just any Christmas cookies– I’m talking about traditional “Newfie cookies!” Basically, these are cookies that my family (and most families in Newfoundland) make during the holidays. Of course, some of these you can find in other parts of the country and are quite common (I.E, peanut-butter balls); but some of these are super unique (like SNOWBALL cookies!). These are sooo good and are incredibly easy to make!


PS: I even made a little pic/video combo! 

3 cups rolled oats
2 cups unsweetened coconut
¾ cup cocoa (sifted)
Pinch of salt
1¼ cups milk
1 tsp vanilla
3 cups sugar
¾ cup butter (cut in sm cubes)

In a large bowl, combine roll oats, 1 cup of coconut, cocoa and salt – mix well and set aside.

In a large saucepan, med-low heat, combine milk, vanilla, sugar and butter. Stir until all ingredients are totally dissolved. Increase to med-high heat and bring to a gently boil (at this time do not stir mixture). Continue to cook for 8 minutes or until temperature reaches 230F on a candy thermometer or at the soft-ball stage.

Immediately add boiled mixture to dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. Place mixture in refrigerator until cool enough to handle. Shape into round balls and coat in coconut.


Ottawa weekend recap!

Last weekend, I got the chance to spend some time in Ottawa (which was perfect timing since I wasn’t having a good week). I got to see my former work friends (aka, my Ottawa family), celebrate a friend’s birthday, meet up with two very lovely bloggers, and just kick back and relax! Oh it was wonderful! Here’s a little recap:


1While I did not enjoy waking up at 4:00am last Friday (to catch the subway to the greyhound station), the bus ride wasn’t too bad :)

1Road trip must-haves: Diet Pepsi and yogurt covered raisins! Noms.

1First stop while in Ottawa? Nectar Fine Teas in Westboro for high tea! Perfection!

1On Saturday, I met up with two bloggers– Marilou and Lauren– at the Dubliner in the Byward Market. Excuse the photo, I was busy showing them Photoshop ;)

1Marilou is the sweetest! She gave both Lauren and I a bag full of Bourjois goodies! Are you guys interested in seeing what’s in side? (I can do a separate post!).

1December in Ottawa: KEEP WARM because it’s crazy cold there. I borrowed my friend’s red scarf for this photo ;) Ha.

1And of course, some Rudolph cocoa to keep extra warm!

1Browsing on the iPad + Holiday blend by David’s Tea = The perfect morning!

I had such a lovely time in Ottawa! Like I said, it’s a home away from home! I miss it that much that I’m already planning my next trip! ;)


Game Night! Game On!

I’m a huge fan of games– I’m talking about snakes and ladders, monopoly, checkers, uno, and the list goes on and on. I enjoy them that much that I actually gave Ken checkers last year for Christmas! Nothing like a good game of checkers on Christmas day, I tell ya ;)

A little while ago, I was asked to participate in Mattel’s “Game on” Game Night! Without hesitation, I said yes!!! (of course). Since we’re new to Toronto, we had a family game night (just Ken and I)– but we didn’t wimp out on any goodies that’s for sure!


Game Night Must-Haves:
- A few fun games (we had so many!!!)
- Snacks & beverages
- One fantastic playlist!
- A camera
- Your game face


Because I’m obsessed with Christmas and we’re getting close to the holidays, we opted for candy cane eggnog for our beverages (omgosh, yum!); a snack board consisting of brie cheese, nuts, and grapes; and a few fortune cookies! And the playlist? My favourite Christmas classics of course!



Even though it was just the two of us, our GAME ON! game night was so much fun! We’re actually planning on packing up the games and bringing them to Ken’s mom’s house on boxing day– the more the merrier right??


Interested in having your own game night? Visit Mattel’s Game On! website for more ideas and game choices! And don’t forget to tweet about it (use the hashtag #GameonParty!).



What is your favourite game to play?
Some of my favourites are checkers, snakes and ladders, and headbands (does anyone remember that one?).

*A big thanks to Mattel Canada for providing us with our Game On! Game Night kit!


Stocking stuffers (for her)

Wow, I can’t get over the fact that December is finally here! Everything seems to be in full swing– the Christmas shoppers, the music, the holiday movies and cartoons… and oh, let’s not forget about the twinkly Christmas lights ;) All Toronto needs now is a little snow (hush! I said a little, lol).

A few weeks ago, I came up with a Chapters/Indigo Holiday Gift Guide (for her)– I hope this helped you guys a little! I loved some of the things on my guide so much (i.e, the Kate Spade stuff!), that I bought a few things for myself (oops!). For my second holiday gift guide feature, here are a few great stocking stuffer ideas for her! Happy shopping!


Stocking Stuffers For Her
Kate Spade Cluster Earrings | Kate Spade On the Dot Bangle | Glitter Belt | Kate Spade Thermal Mug | Pop Fizz Clink! iPhone 5 Case | Calf Hair Wallet Case iPhone 5 | Kate Spade Sticky Note Set | Snowflake Fair Isle Socks | Glitter Chevron Stripe Notebook | Gilded-Edged Pearl Necklace | Deborah Lippmann Best of Both Worlds Pop Rock Mini Duet Polishes | Day Night and Glam Lash Set | Purity Made Simple Ornament


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