My Goals for 2014

2013 really took me for a crazy ride– it really wasn’t “my” year. But that’s okay… we can’t expect every day, month, or even year to be amazing! All we can do is opt for a fresh start and just keep going! There are a few things that I want to really improve/work on in 2014– I’m going to try my best to work on these things every week; and hopefully, 2014 will turn out to be a good year!


ONE | Create a blog plan and stick to it!
Fresh-Season did a nice bit of growing in 2013, and I really want to keep moving forward and improve it even more! I feel like this is a huge challenge, because maintaing a blog can be difficult– especially if you’re not sure how to improve it (or if your efforts will even produce positive results!). But after doing a little brainstorming, I’ve come up with an actual “blog plan” (aka, how to improve Fresh-Season!). I’ll go more into detail later this week; but essentially, the plan’s outline includes: 

  1. Aim to blog six days a week
  2. Be consistent in blog topics and make sure they relate to the Fresh-Season brand (i.e, two beauty related posts a week; two style related posts a week; Chit Chat Sundays on… well, Sundays!).
  3. Connect with more great bloggers!
  4. Improve social media accounts (particularly Instagram and Pinterest).

TWO | Improve organizational skills
Although I consider myself to be pretty organized already, there are a few areas I would like to improve in (mainly procrastination, deadlines, and emails!). I tend to do things at the very last minute, and even forget to reply to important emails (this is such a bad habit of mine!). But this year, I’m going to really step up and create a little plan to help myself improve in these areas! (There will be more on this later!).

THREE | Enjoy the little things that make me happy!
The simplest things make me the happiest– Whether it’s blogging alone in a cafe, finding a new tea I like, or taking a little stroll in the rain! While I did do a lot of these things in 2013, I feel like I need to indulge in more of these simple little things! Every week, I should be able to list a few things that made me just plain HAPPY.

FOUR | Find enjoyable work
I worked with such an amazing group of people in Ottawa. I mean, not only do I regard them as my friends, but also as my family! It really did make going to work enjoyable (I loved working!). Now, I know that I was probably just lucky; and most jobs won’t be like that (working in Toronto was definitely a wake-up call for that one!)… but I would really, really like to find enjoyable work in 2014. I think I just need a lot of luck on this one! (Cross your fingers for me?).

What are your goals for 2014?


Pop! Fizz! Clink! – Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

Wow. I can’t believe we’re at the very end of 2013! And all I can say is: Thank God! 2013, for me, was just plain… crazy! I wish I could highlight nothing but amazing moments in 2013; but the reality is that there were very few! The first five months of 2013 were really, really rough… it was time lost. Somewhere. But as we approach a brand new year, I want to keep my chin up, chest out, and put my best foot forward!


- 2013 -

ONE | One of my goals for 2013 was to read more. Although I did not reach my goal of reading 24 books in 2013, I did get through 15 books! I just received two $25 gift cards to Chapters for Christmas, so I’ll be sure to start a new reading challenge!

TWO | If there was one thing I learned in 2013, it was that I need to look after ME. More specifically, I need to learn how to focus on my accomplishments (rather than failures); and I need to focus on my needs (rather than constantly focusing on the needs/wants of others!). It is important that I develop a positive voice, and just have faith in myself.

THREE | I’ve made so many great friendships in 2013. My former co-workers in Ottawa have definitely made the list! …Right along with Nancy and Laura– both whom I met through blogging (and hang-out with regularly!).

FOUR | After many ups and downs, I officially finished my Masters program at Carleton University. Hooray!

FIVE | 2013 was definitely a year of growth for, and a year of networking! I learned to open up a little, and embrace new connections. I’ve worked with several brands and local boutiques (Koku! Pause Beauty!) that I love, and met so so many fabulous bloggers (Nancy, Marilou, Lauren, Erica, and Jessica just to name a few!).

SIX | In June, we decided that we were ready to get another boxer dog (Rocco!). We anticipated hell (lol) when he first got him, but he has been a great little addition and the perfect little furry friend to Pepper!

SEVEN | Moving to Toronto was a huge leap of faith for us. And while some things have not exactly worked out like we wanted, and other things are still up in the air– I have to remind myself that everything is a process. Dream jobs, higher income, better test scores– none of them appear magically with the snap of fingers. They all require hard work and time.

EIGHT | September 19th was a rough day– it was the day that my grandmother passed away. I try not to think about it a lot, but it has definitely has been a unforgettable moment in 2013.

NINE | In the last few months, I (finally) developed that positive voice– one, that never ever existed before. I learned how to stick up for myself, and do what was best for me (even if everyone else thought differently!). Honestly, this was probably the biggest achievement of 2013. 


“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

How did 2013 treat you? 


Favourite blogs

Is it just me or is maintaining a decent blog these days a lot of work? For me, I really enjoy the design aspect of blogging; but I really do struggle with posting interesting and original content! To be completely honest, that’s why I haven’t posted much this month.

When i’m lacking inspiration, I like to visit a few of my favourite blogs and ask myself “why do I enjoy reading this blog? what is it about this particular blog that keeps me coming back?” — The answers to those questions are usually the things I need to work on (hello, new goals!).


1. Simply Bee
I’ve been following Brooke’s various blogs for about four years now. I simply adore her unique (and short!) posts– especially her killer design skills!

2. The College Prepster
Carly’s blog is probably the “biggest” blog I read (I prefer to stick smaller scale blogs, where I can interact with the blogger!). My favourite part about Carly’s blog is her organization/stationary related posts (like these!).

3. Citrus & Style
I’m a rather new follower of Caroline’s blog, Citrus & Style. What attracts me to her blog are her short (yet interesting!) blog posts, and original content (like how to make a hair tie– super cute!).

4. Stripes & Peonies
Again, I am a new follower of Gracey’s blog, Stripes & Peonies. I appreciate the clean design (definitely makes reading a pleasure!) and posts like this one. PS: Doesn’t her instagram rock? I love all of her photos!

5. Bouffe e Bambini 
I’ve been following Hanna’s blog for about four years now. Her writing is incredibly powerful (and her gratitude!). I mean, just read this post! How amazing right? Hanna has such a kind heart, and I always leave her blog with a huge smile on my face!

What are your favourite blogs, and why? 


Merry Christmas! | xmas morning routine

Ah, Christmas day! I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very, very Merry Christmas! I am so grateful to finally have power here in Toronto (sadly, there are people still without power!).

There was a point last week where I thought I was going to be spending Christmas day alone (which is a horrible feeling; I had to spend Christmas alone a few years ago). But thankfully, Ken ended up getting it off work!

We have tons of great little things planned tomorrow. I enjoy my little Christmas day routine I have going on!


What are some of your Christmas Day traditions? Will you be spending Christmas Day with family and friends? 


Christmas Eve Traditions

*Explodes with excitement!* It’s Christmas Eve!!!! I swear, the holiday season instantly transforms me into a five year old– but it’s okay! It’s Christmas eve and I’m allowed to be full of CHEER, right? ;)

Christmas eve has always been a favourite day of mine. It was the day I was allowed to drink an endless supply of eggnog and Purity syrup! My grandmother would always come over and take me to midnight mass. MIDNIGHT church you guys! I always thought of it as “my gosh, after midnight mass, it will be 1:30am! And Santa comes soon after then! AHHHH…” — lol, seriously.

Even though I no longer attend midnight mass and I’m now twenty-six years old, I’m not sure if things changed all that much ;) Here’s a little break down of my Christmas eve traditions!


I’m so so excited to start with my Christmas Eve traditions later on today! Christmas eve last year was perfect (even though I worked until 4pm). Just take a peek:


Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? What do you normally do on Christmas Eve? Anything special? 


Winter Power Outages: What You’ll Need

Oh my Lord. The last 38 hours have been interesting and… cold. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably already know that Toronto was hit with a huge ice storm this weekend (you can follow hashtag #darkTO on Twitter). It left 300,000+ people without electricity for days (many are still without power). My power was out for a total of 38ish hours– and boy, was it ever cold in here. Things were looking pretty grim when Toronto Hydro said it would take up to 72 hours for power to be restored. Now, they’re saying that some people won’t have their power restored until this weekend (um, craziness!).

Thankfully, our power was restored around 4pm today. I’m just hoping that the power is restored for everyone else real soon. But I will say this– in the last 38 hours, I’ve learned that I am ill prepared when it comes to power outages (I didn’t even own a flashlight!). So here are a few winter power outages must-haves (feel free to add to the list!):

poweroutageAn electric blanket | Candles | Extra iPhone Charger for emergencies
Matches | Flashlight | Battery Operated Radio | A good book | Batteries!

Other power outage tips:

  • You can charge your cell phone a few ways: 1) Through your computer via USB cable, 2) Through your car, 3) If you can, you could visit a mall or subway station that is open and find an outlet there. Bring a power bar if you have one, as others may be already using the outlets!
  • DO NOT use BBQs inside your house! This is very dangerous!
  • Check to see if you have hot water (I did!). Get a hot bath or hot (dark) shower to keep warm.
  • If you do have access to the internet, follow popular hashtags on Twitter (I.E, #darkTO) to get any updates.
  • If you find an ATM, it’s best to take some cash out as many places that are open do not have working ATMs or Interact machines!

Stay warm and safe, friends!


Chit Chat Sundays, No. 6: Prepping for Xmas


Chit Chat Sundays is a weekly feature on Sundays are about kicking your feet up and just relaxing. Let’s grab our Peppermint Mochas and just chat about our week, shall we?

* Feel free to host your own Chit Chat Sunday on your blog! *


Prepping for Xmas

I know. I’ve been super absent from the blog lately (and I really don’t have an excuse!). I haven’t written a chit chat sunday since the beginning of December, so I thought I’d get the ball rolling again ;)

This week, I’ve been keeping myself occupied (i.e, prepping for Christmas!). You know, last minute shopping, Christmas grocery shopping, and mailing out a bunch of Christmas cards (I am so late this year!). Here are a few photos I took throughout the week:

01A little present for my “internet turned IRL” friend, Laura

01Top secret present ;) ;)

01Ehehehehe! This one has my name on it!!! (But I can’t open it until Christmas!)

01love “Santa’s Secret” by David’s Tea!

01Sometimes, I get a little sick of the hot beverages and crave something cold. That’s when a cool lime refresher from Starbucks comes in handy! ;)

01I received a LUSH bath bomb from my Ottawa friend this week (part of a Christmas present!),
and I’m loving it!

do have a few posts coming up this week, so keep popping back! I’ve been thinking about doing some minor rebranding of in 2014. Goal #1? To set up some sort of blog schedule!

What have you been up to this week? 


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