Kate Spade New Arrivals

There are emails in my inbox that I ignore and send straight to the trash (like, the majority of them). Then, there are emails I open immediately. Emails from Kate Spade and Sephora? Yep, they have my complete attention!

The other morning, I woke up to a wonderful little surprise: Kate Spade new arrivals! To be completely honest, I wasn’t really feeling the last collection (it was a nautical theme)– I did like the jewelry (like these “Anchors Away” earrings I’m giving away!!), but I wasn’t in love with any of the bags. This time though? So many great things!


Here are a few of my favourites!

1Mercer Isle Sloan Bag

2Roxie Dress

3Bicolour Candy Stripe Mini iPad Folio

4Be Mine Pendant

5Valentine’s Day Bangle

I’m really thinking about popping into Kate Spade and trying on this pink Roxie dress! And how adorable is this “Be Mine” pendant? It’s a great little Valentine’s Day gift!

Are you happy with the KS New Arrivals? What is your favourite item? 


Sneak Peak Inside: Marilou’s Kate Spade Agenda

It’s probably a little odd, but my favourite type of blog posts are definitely the “what’s in my bag,” “what’s in my wallet,” and “what’s in my Agenda” ones! Am I just plain nosey, or is this a girl thing? …Or both? ;)

Since it’s the new year, and we are all trying our hardest to stay (or become) organized and achieve our goals, I decided on a “what’s in my planner” post! Today, we’re taking a sneak peak inside Marilou Mole’s Kate Spade Agenda!

image001Kate Spade 2014 17 Month Agenda

Marilou is an Ottawa-based fashion blogger, and blogs over at TwentyYork.com. She has been regularly published and/or featured at Ottawa Citizen, Daytime Ottawa, WHERE Ottawa, Ottawa Valley Moms, FAJO Magazine, FAVE, BHBB Ottawa, and the Next Big Thing Magazine! (Impressive, huh?). Let’s not forget that Marilou has also been featured in my “OOTD Around Ottawa” post ;)

To keep up with her hectic schedule (consisting of her full-time job, her blog, television appearances, and yoga classes!), Marilou uses the 2014 Kate Spade 17 Month Agenda!


The 2014 Kate Spade agenda, I think, have become the most popular agenda on the market! Everyone has one! Not only can you get the Kate Spade agenda in “gold dots” (like Marilou’s), but it also comes in “Glasses” and “Rose.”

image001I’m a little envious– Marilou’s agenda it’s so neat and organized!

How do you stay organized? Do you use a paper agenda?
If so, which one do you use?


Chit Chat Sundays, No.7: Things I adore


Chit Chat Sundays is a weekly feature on Fresh-Season.com. Sundays are about kicking your feet up and just relaxing. Let’s grab our Peppermint Mochas and just chat about our week, shall we?


Things I adore

I have a busy week ahead of me, so I’ve decided to keep things a little short on “Chit Chat Sundays” this week. Here are four things I’ve been really loving this week!

ONE | My new Kate Spade bow ring!

TWO | Getting organized with my Erin Condren life planner

THREE | Finally finding the Kate Spade “Cold Hands, Warm Heart” thermal mug!

FOUR | This little image by Carly! Works so well as an iPhone wallpaper!

PS: Don’t forget to enter my giveaway! I’m giving away a pair of Kate Spade “Anchors Away” earrings!


Giveaway: Kate Spade Anchors Away Studs!

Initially, I was going to post a review of my 2014 Erin Condren life planner (you can read my past reviews here and here!), but then I thought of a better idea! ;)

Kate Spade just recently came out with a new collection (it’s nautical-themed!), and my birthday is less than a month away (yikes!)… so why not celebrate a little early and host a KATE SPADE giveaway!!

I’m incredibly excited to give away a pair of Kate Spade’s new “Anchors Away” studs! They come in both silver and gold!


The contest is open to both Canadian and American residents, and will end on Saturday, January 18th. Entering is super easy, and there are numerous ways you can enter! To enter, just use the Rafflecopter widget below– it will tell you exactly what to do! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


What’s in my Kate Spade Wallet

I’ve been eyeing the Kate Spade cobblestone park lacey wallet for quite some time now. I love how it comes in a bright pink! In my opinion, a vibrant wallet is a great option if you carry a simple black handbag ;) Although my love for this wallet runs pretty deep (no joke!), I wasn’t willing to pay the $158 for it (ouch!).

…And that’s when boxing day sales kick in ;) Luckily, the cobblestone park lacey wallet went on sale (and then it was an extra 25% off sale items!). And there was only one left in the city! Um… if that isn’t a sign, I’m not sure what is! ;)


Not only do I love the bright colour, but I adore the little bow zipper strap thing!


The wallet is super roomy too! I can store so many things in there (not that I carry much cash on me, ha!).


I tend to keep my frequently used cards in one side of my wallet; and the less commonly used ones in the other side (can you guess which side my Sephora VIB card is in? heh…).


I was a little spoiled this Christmas… I received so many great gift cards from my family and friends! Starbucks and Chapters being the most common ones ;)


Lastly, I tend to keep a few coupons and things in the back (i.e, my B&BW coupon!). And you guess it! My Sephora VIB card is in my “frequently used cards” section ;)


What kind of wallet do you use?


How to stay organized in 2014

One of my goals for 2014 is to improve my organizational skills. While I consider myself pretty organized already, there is definitely room for some improvement! Plus, I tend to procrastinate a lot… so my email inbox tends to get a little messy, receipts pile up in my purse, and my bed sometimes goes unmade (a pet peeve of mine!). To avoid these situations, here are a few tips on how to stay organized in 2014! 


ONE | Use a daily planner to stay on track
One great way to stick to a schedule (and remember important dates, meetings, classes etc.) is to use a daily planner. I use the Erin Condren Life Planner (you can read my review HERE), and I think I would be so lost without it! Last year, things were pretty hectic (between my ever-changing work schedule, finishing my Masters, and doctor appointments!), so I used my life planner religiously. Not only would I write down my work schedule, appointments, etc. but I would also write my daily (and weekly) to-do lists in there, as well as some inspiring quotes!

TWO | Organize your desk every Sunday
If you spend a lot of time at your desk, it probably gets messy pretty quickly. If you’re not the one to tidy up every night, then maybe it’s best if you set a particular day during the week to really organize everything. I’m talking about taking everything off your desk, dusting it, organize your notebooks, file documents, etc. Personally, this works best for me (even though I don’t really have a work space anymore!). Here are my tips to organizing your work space!

THREE | Reply/delete emails as soon as they are received 
Oh my. This is probably the biggest challenge for me! I have a really bad habit of not replying to emails, or letting them pile up in my inbox (I’m talking about 80,000+ emails! Seriously…). Making a commitment to reply/delete/or star emails as soon as they are received is a great way to stay organized (and meet deadlines!). This is something that I will perfect in 2014!

FOUR | Clean/organize your bag regularly
Most of the time, my bag is pretty neat. But then, things happen (i.e, mini shopping sprees, grocery shopping, Christmas shopping, travel, etc.) and BAM! Receipts over load! To avoid this, you should clean/organize your handbag once a week. You can even do this while waiting at the doctor’s office, on the bus to work, etc.

How do you plan on staying organized in 2014?

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Pretty in Pink | OPI Shorts Story

You know how certain perfumes tend to bring you back to a particular time period in your life? (Viva La Juicy brings me back to the months I lived in the U.K in 2008!). Well, as odd as it may sound, nail polishes– for me at least– do the exact same thing!

Yesterday, I was feeling a little down (this happens all of the time, right after Christmas). I was really missing Ottawa, and so so sick of the snow and dark clouds of winter (who isn’t?). In an attempt to “pick myself up” a little, I decided to paint my nails a more happy, bright colour: OPI’s Shorts Story!


I remember exactly when I received this particular nail polish! It was actually my very first polish from OPI, and I received it as an Easter gift back in 2010! I always called it my “Barbie Pink” polish ;)


I think it’s a great change from the deep pinks and dark reds I’ve been wearing lately. It brightens things up a little! And come on, it’s January… it’s probably the most gloomiest month in the year (in my opinion anyway)! We need something a little bright on our nails! ;)



In the end, the night went quite swell! After chatting with my friend in Ottawa, I decided to buy a train ticket to visit for next weekend! I am incredibly excited (as usual!).

Do certain perfumes, or even nail polishes, bring you back to a particular time period in your life too? What do you consider to be the gloomiest month of the year? 


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