Tory Burch Flats: Classic Reva and Hugo

Today is family day here in Ontario, so I’ve been keeping myself busy with a super long to-do list (updating Fresh-Season was definitely one of them!). I even decided to spruce the blog up a little and change the header above! It’s quite similar in style, but the images are different– a nice little change!

One of the things I wanted to blog about this week are my new Tory Burch flats! I’ve wanted a pair for almost two years now, so I was pretty darn excited to finally get my hands on these!


I do want to mention that I didn’t get them at the same time. I actually purchased the classic “reva” ballet flat for my birthday, which was at the beginning of February (I combined all of my birthday $$ for them!).


The reva flat is probably the most popular (and definitely classic!) pair of shoes at Tory Burch. Did you know that these flats are named after Tory’s mother, Reva? How lovely. As for the fit– they’re super, super comfortable! I had some minor issues with comfort on the first and second day, but they’re fine now (tip: you can break in your new shoes by wearing thick socks to stretch them out… in your home of course, lol!).



I fell in love with the Reva flat so much that I decided to go back to Tory Burch and browse some more. That’s when I seen the “Hugo” flat;  a chic pointy-toe skimmer shoe! It comes in a few different colours, but how gorgeous are these in “honey wheat?”


I was a little torn about getting these little guys. I mean, they’re quite pricey; and I’ve already bought my Revas. I didn’t really need a second pair, but I fell in love and tried to rationalize it because it was Valentine’s Day (lol). I’m actually still in the process of breaking these ones in (they’re a little more stiff than the Reva flats), so it will probably take a little longer.


Do you own a pair of Tory Burch flats? If so, which ones do you have? What are your favourite pair of shoes at the moment?



One of my goals for 2014 was to blog more (more specifically, it was to blog six times a week!). January was a little rocky, but I am still sticking to that goal– It’s all about improving right? Anyway, since I haven’t blogged in a little while, I’ve decided to give a few quick updates…


ONE | I celebrated my 27th Birthday!
Yep. On February 3rd, I turned 27. I still can’t get over the fact that I’m 27 (I feel like i’m still 23!). I didn’t do anything on my birthday this year (I worked!); but it still was 10x better than last year, which I am very grateful for. As a present to myself, I bought a few pieces of artwork from Purple Heart Yoga. I am incredibly pleased with them, and will definitely blog about it soon!

TWO | I purchased Tory Burch Flats
Another birthday gift was a pair of Tory Burch “Reva” ballet flats. I’ve wanted these bad boys for a while now, so I was super happy when I finally got them! They’re incredibly comfortable and only took a few days to break in.

THREE | I bought a plane ticket to Newfoundland
For the last couple of months, I’ve been feeling pretty homesick. I haven’t been to Newfoundland since October 2012, so a visit home is long over-due. I’ll be visiting Newfoundland for a week in March and I seriously cannot wait!

FOUR | I was invited to a BioTherm Vday Event
I am slowly coming out of my “blogger cocoon” and getting out there. Networking and participating in blogger events can be pretty intimidating, but also quite fun. This week, I RSVP’d to a BioTherm Valentine’s Event here in Toronto! I’m a little nervous, but I’m sure it will turn out just fine!

FIVE | I was invited to collaborate with Allure Body Bar
love trying out new products and services– especially when they’re local! In the fall, I was given the opportunity to review lash extensions from Pause Beauty, and I was so so pleased with the service! This month, Fresh-Season is teaming up with Allure Body Bar– one of Toronto’s TOP waxing bar! I’m so excited! 


Have you (or will you) be booking any flights this year? Where to? And have you ever tried waxing?


Easy Rice Recipe

In my Kate Spade giveaway earlier this month, many of you told me that you enjoy reading blogs that post recipes! I use to post recipes on a couple of years ago; but sadly, they were deleted last year when the site got hacked (sigh). So, let’s start over!

One of my favourite dishes is this easy rice recipe! My friend Michelle in Ottawa actually showed this one to me (I always beg her to make it when I’m there!). It’s super easy to make and is incredibly tasty! It’s a great little side if you want something quick (and perfect for college students if you have access to a stove!).

easyricerecipe*I know I listed beef bouillon in the image above, but I rather chicken instead!

1 Cup of Basmati Rice | 1/2 White Onion | Tablespoon of Butter | 1/2 cube of Chicken Bouillon | Tarragon



ONE | On medium, melt your butter in a pot.

TWO | Chop up your onion and place it in the pot with your butter. Sauté the onion on medium for a few minutes (until the onions are soft).

THREE | Crumble the bouillon cube (half of it) into a bowl and mix with 2 cups of water. Microwave for two minutes.

FOUR | When onions are done, add 1 cup of basmati rice and coat with the melted butter and onions. Add a sprinkle of Tarragon. Then add your bouillon cube + water mixture. Bring it to a boil.

FIVE | Remove from heat and let it sit for 25 minutes.


Would you like to see more recipes posted on Fresh-Season? (Please let me know!)


A Day in the Life

I really enjoy these “a day in the life” posts! Sure, daily routines are usually not very exciting, but I always find them super interesting. It’s been a while since I did one of these (last January to be exact!), so I thought I would do one again.

I’m a huge fan of routine. And while my days are not always the same, I try to stick to a routine as much as possible (you can read about my morning routine here). Here was one day last week:


8:30AM  |  Wake up — My rise and shine time changes often. Sometimes, it’s earlier; and other times it’s later. Once I wake up, I typically check the weather on my iPhone and emails.

8:45AM | Wash Face, Brush Teeth & Moisturize – The first thing I do once I’m out of bed is wash my face (with Philosophy’s “Purity” cleanser), moisturize, and brush my teeth. Making my bed? Yeah, that can wait… ;)


9:00AM | Shower, Makeup & Hair — After a quick shower, I always start my makeup (usually in my warm housecoat) and then my hair (which is my least favourite part! Especially the blow-drying, ugh…).



9:50AM | Get Dressed — Once my make-up and hair is done, I get dressed for the day. Sometimes, I already have my clothes laid out (which I do the night before); but this isn’t always the case. Much of the time, I’m running around trying to figure out what’s clean (ha!).


10:00AM | Enjoy a cup of tea, check emails, etc — I hate rushing for work, appointments, etc. so I do enjoy sitting back (usually with a cup of tea) and just go through my emails, check my twitter, other blogs etc.



11:25AM | Catch the bus and subway to work — By 11:25am, I’m usually out the door and on my way to work. I take the bus and subway to work, which normally takes about 35 minutes. Not bad at all.


12:00PM | Arrive at work early, hit up starbucks, read — Typically, I arrive at work a little early. During this time, I usually hit up starbucks (or another coffee place) and read. Sometimes, I’ll do a little browsing (usually for a new book!).

12:30PM | Start Work — Makin’ the $$$ ;)

5:00PM | Eat Dinner — My dinner break is usually around 5pm. Sometimes, i’ll buy my dinner, but lately i’ve been trying to bring food to work (much cheaper!). On this particular day, however, I bought Thai Express (nom!).


9:00PM | Finish work, get subway and bus home – I hate this part. By the end of the day, I’m a little tired and not looking forward to the subway and bus ride (+ walk) home… especially if it’s cold outside!

10:00PM | Unwind — Sometimes I unwind by watching a little television, blogging, or reading. Other times, I do nothing at all and just go to bed early. On this particular night, I decided to read a few chapters in the new book I’m reading (“The Invention of Wings” — such a great book!).


11:30PM | Fall Asleep — ZzZz!


60 Day Tights Subscription Giveaway!


There are a few things that a gal can never have enough of (heels, handbags, and tights are definitely a few of them!). As a proud supporter of, I wanted to share a fun little giveaway with you guys: A two-month subscription to Panther Legwear! And there will be five winners! 

A two-month subscription to Panther Legwear gets you eight pairs of designer tights (a value of $120!). What a great giveaway, no?

Enter for a chance to win here!

Giveaway ends on January 31st.


Erin Condren Life Planner Review (2014)

I consider myself to be pretty organized. I like routine, and I always feel so much better when I write out my day (i.e, work schedule, to-do lists, blog posts etc.). Over the years, I’ve used several different methods– from paper agendas to iCalendar on my iPad. I’m too ashamed to tell you how much money I’ve spend on different agendas (and just to forget about them a few weeks later)… I could never find the right one for me. Well, until I found the “Life Planner” from that is!


The Erin Condren Life Planner is one of my favourite products, and I highly recommend it! Not only are they customizable (you can pick from several designs and colours– you can even add personal photos and your name on the front!), but they are super efficient!


I purchased my first Life Planner last year, in January. I was crossing my fingers and toes, hoping that I would actually use it throughout the entire year and not just for a month or so (and I did use it! Every day!).

One thing I love about the life planner are the inspiring quotes and neat designs you’ll find throughout the planner. I’m really liking the bows in my 2014 planner:


I’m such a big fan of the Life Planner (you can read my first review here), that the Erin Condren team sent me a 2014 Life Planner to review a few months ago! (Thank you so much you guys!).


This year, I decided to add on the customized stickers! Picking your stickers is so easy! You just go through your computer and select which photos to turn into stickers. I thought it would make my planner a little more interesting ;) I ended up making stickers of Ken and I (for our anniversary, Valentine’s Day etc), my dogs, Christmas stuff, etc. How fun, right?


I’m also pleased that they have added more colours to the additional stickers that come with each life planner. Take a look below– they’re all little stickers! I use these guys for deadlines, paydays, important dates, etc.


At the back of the life planner, you’ll find a little “folder” section where you can store a few documents. In the 2013 life planner, there was only the one “folder.” But the Erin Condren team decided to add TWO “folders” this year so it’s very easy to “keep it together” ;) See:



One other neat feature in the Erin Condren Planner is the clear plastic folder in the very back. I keep my printed work schedules in there, my prescriptions, important receipts, and so on.


Check out my other Erin Condren Life Planner Reviews!
Erin Condren 2013 Life Planner – Part 1
Erin Condren 2013 Life Planner – Part 2

If you’re thinking about purchasing an Erin Condren Life Planner, check out these comments that I received on my earlier Life Planner reviews:

I purchased my first EC Life Planner, received last Friday. I LOVE IT! I splurged on the Gold Edition in hot pink. Perfect for work and personal tasks, looks absolutely lovely. I don’t even have to do a lot of decorating (compared to my Personal size Filofax) because its already beautiful. I do have a few suggestions for them which is making it unbound to put in a leather binder and the pen loop to be in different colors (white elastic already getting dirty). –LalaBoobaby

From your recommendation, it inspired me recently to purchase the EC Life Planner. I ordered it December 23rd and it arrived today, January 2nd. Talk about **fast** service! So can I tell you how thrilled I am to have such a beautiful planner in my possession? I’m doing the happy dance. Keep going with your vlog! It’s great to read what other Canadians have to say! A new fan. –Jennifer M

I am on my 3rd year of using the Life Planner, I LOVE it! With my schedule, my husband & 4 busy boys to keep track of it is a life saver, I hardly ever use the printed stickers that come with the planner but this year I ordered many sheets of the personalized stickers in different colors for each family member…I am pretty sure I will continue to purchase one each year, unless I can find another planner that I can personalize, that’s as good quality and cheaper (not likely). –Daisy10727

You can purchase the Erin Condren Life Planner HERE :)


Life’s Little Treasures

I’m not a huge fan of January (…or February). I mean, I always find the month right after Christmas quite depressing… and then you still have the snow and freezing temperatures (we’re talking about -30 degrees in Toronto right now!). Not cool. At all.

To keep my chin up during these two very cold months, I like to indulge in a few of my favourites, aka life’s little treasures. These may not seem like much, but they actually put a huge smile on my face!


What little thing makes YOU happy?

PS: The winner of my Kate Spade Anchors Away Studs Giveaway is Jenn A! I want to thank everyone for participating! Can’t wait to host another giveaway real soon!


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