Spring showers, cute umbrellas

I am so thankful that it’s raining today. I’m just getting a little tired of the snow and cold– I just want winter to be done and over with! The combination of rainfall (one of my favourite things!!!) and slightly warmer temperatures have put me in a good mood this morning. It gets me excited about spring! Which reminds me, I really need to buy a new umbrella– a big umbrella (since I’m always getting wet with the little ones). Which umbrella is your favourite? I love the first and last one!


1. Fulton Pink Birdcage Umbrella – $35.00
2. Kate Spade Pop Art Check Umbrella – $78.00
3. Fulton Red Lips Birdcage Umbrella – $35.00
4. Fulton Rainbow Birdcage Umbrella – $35.00
5. Fulton Riva Auto Umbrella (Stripes) – $28.00
6. Fulton Riva Auto Umbrella (Polka Dots) – $28.00

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