How to organize your work space

For over a month now, I’ve been feeling so unorganized. Emails were going unanswered, blog posts were not being scheduled, receipts and unopened mail covered my desk– life was just a complete mess! I finally decided enough was enough and started to (slowly) reorganize my life this past week. A few days ago, I organized my computer files and emails. This weekend? I decided to tackle my desk!

Here is a “before” and “after” photo. SEE, my work space was completely out of control! And I’ll admit, it was like this for a good month and a half…



1. Neatly organize your books and documents - This was such a daunting task for me! Over the last two years as a graduate student, I’ve accumulated so many books, binders, course outlines, job opportunities, etc etc. And I kept everything! It took me a good hour to sort through what was garbage and what I wanted to keep. I ended up placing a few books on my shelf (the ones I’ll need in the near future) and storing loose documents in three separate envelopes: 1) Leanne’s Important Files– which includes my taxes, prescriptions, contracts, etc; 2) Leanne’s Other Files– which includes my blog PR docs, a few receipts, and cards I want to keep; and lastly, 3) Ken’s Files– While most of the mess laying on my desk was mine, Ken– my fiance– does keep a few of his files in with mine… so most of his stuff went in the third envelope!

2. Sort through old receipts, cards, prescriptions, etc. - As you can see in the photos above, I have a lot of loose paper (mostly receipts and prescriptions) pinned to my magnetic white board. The board was FULL of random things! Most of the pinned items went in the garbage, while others were sorted in big brown envelopes. To make things a little more personal, I added a few photos of our dog, Pepper.

3. Store extra pens and highlighters in a small bin - I keep a tiny blue bin on my desk– it’s where I store all of my extra pens, highlighters, sticky notes, tape, etc. Naturally, however, this bin becomes full of unwanted garbage… you know, loose change; loose staples; etc. So cleaning out your storage bin every few weeks is a MUST. Along with my pens, highlighters, and sticky notes, I also added my digital camera, USB cords, and iPad charger in there. These are things that I’m always using, so it’s great that they are close by.

Do you keep your work space organized? How often do you organize your desk?

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