How to organize your computer

I’ve been feeling incredibly unorganized and disconnected lately. While I welcomed it at first (I mean, it is okay to just let loose sometimes!), I am now more than ready to get back on track! My recent purchase– the 11″ MacBook Air– was a great way to start re-organizing my “digital life.”


Tip #1: Organize all of your computer files!
Since I’m very new to the world of MacBooks, this took me a lot longer than expected (4 hours!). First, I began my search for a motivating wallpaper (I found this polka dotted “live your dreams” from the College Prepster). Once that was done, I made a list of programs I wanted to download (since my MacBook is brand new with nothing on it). The list included the essentials for any writer/blogger: Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, DropBox, uTorrent, etc. I then created three folders for my desktop (colour coordinated, of course!): “blog files,” “academia,” and “resume.” Simple enough.


Tip #2: Organize your Email accounts!
So, I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to emails. I keep everything. Even the junk mail! For the past six years or so, I’ve accumulated 31,280 emails in my main email account (eep!). Of course, the first thing I knew I had to do was to get rid of those emails. Here we go!!


Boy, that felt good!!! Once I purged those emails, I decided to set up all three of my email accounts on Microsoft Outlook. In doing so, I made labels for each account– you know, labels like “personal,” “job opportunities,” “academia,” “blog/social media,” etc. I even created three different signatures for each email. Take a look:


Tip #3: Delete Facebook *GASP*
Ha! Obviously you do not have to do this (and deleting Facebook isn’t really a tip to keep your computer super organized; but rather I think is a way to disconnect yourself from technology a little and just simplify your life). But yes, I did delete my Facebook account today (and wow, it felt amazing!). Facebook is different for everyone, and I use to be that person who updated it all of the time. However, in the last little while, I realized that Facebook became a tool for gossip and judgement. To be completely honest, it became a huge source of anxiety for me. So, without any notice, I just deactived the bloody thing. If you do decide to delete your Facebook, just make sure you have your friend’s emails, phone numbers, etc! Without Facebook, it can be tough to get in touch with someone (how sad is that?).

Do you have any organizing tips to share? Would you ever consider deleting your Facebook? Why or why not?

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