Hi there, MacBook Air!

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with my iPad-- I use it for everything: browsing my favourite blogs, reading the newspaper, reading in general, watching Netflix etc. And I guess that’s where my love for Apple products started, haha. Yes, I finally went out and purchased my very first MacBook!

Please meet my new friend– the stunning 11 inch MacBook Air!


I’ve been a PC user all of my life, so this is a huge change for me! I was I’m still so confused at how certain things work on here, LOL! In the last three days, I’ve already googled “how to scroll down a page on a MacBook,” “how to copy and paste on your Mac,” and “how to screen capture on your Mac.” HA– I’m sure all of you Apple users are laughing at me right now ;) But you know, I’m a newb!


Once I get a few programs downloaded and so forth, I’ll do a review of my MacBook. I even bought this ADORABLE Kate Spade sleeve for my Macbook! I didn’t know Apple stores carried Kate Spade! What a wonderful surprise ;)

Fellow Mac users: What are your favourite/must-have programs/apps/etc. for your Mac? Please share as I want to get the most out of my new toy ;)

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