March 2013 archive

4 Easter Gift Ideas

Spring has finally made its much anticipated appearance here in Ottawa! We’re starting to see some sunshine, less snow, and a little rain. Ah, it’s a nice change to the dreaded winter and just in time for the Easter weekend! What are your plans for the Easter weekend? Mine are pretty low key. Since I’m […]

Keep in touch via snail mail

I picked up a few notecards and was starting to snail mail my friends and family. Well, since then, I’ve exchanged a dozen of cards/letters all across Canada and even purchased a few more notecards (I’m seriously obsessed!). After deleting Facebook last week, I’ve realized exactly how much we rely on technology to stay connected. […]

How to organize your work space

For over a month now, I’ve been feeling so unorganized. Emails were going unanswered, blog posts were not being scheduled, receipts and unopened mail covered my desk– life was just a complete mess! I finally decided enough was enough and started to (slowly) reorganize my life this past week. A few days ago, I organized […]

Five things I’ve been enjoying lately

Whether it’s working alone in a cafe or trying new teas (@DavidsTea!!), I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone lately. And you know what? I’ve been enjoying it! Here are just a few things that I’ve been enjoying lately– 1. Working alone in a quiet cafe – Okay, I know some of […]

How to organize your computer

I’ve been feeling incredibly unorganized and disconnected lately. While I welcomed it at first (I mean, it is okay to just let loose sometimes!), I am now more than ready to get back on track! My recent purchase– the 11″ MacBook Air– was a great way to start re-organizing my “digital life.” Tip #1: Organize […]

Hi there, MacBook Air!

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with my iPad– I use it for everything: browsing my favourite blogs, reading the newspaper, reading in general, watching Netflix etc. And I guess that’s where my love for Apple products started, haha. Yes, I finally went out and purchased my very first MacBook! Please meet my new […]

Spring showers, cute umbrellas

I am so thankful that it’s raining today. I’m just getting a little tired of the snow and cold– I just want winter to be done and over with! The combination of rainfall (one of my favourite things!!!) and slightly warmer temperatures have put me in a good mood this morning. It gets me excited […]

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