Do you snail mail?

p>We rely on technology for everything– to check the weather, to check emails, online banking, and even to send birthday wishes to our family and friends (usually over Facebook). While I am guilty of all of these things, I still like to hold on one “traditional” aspect: sending snail mail!

While at HomeSense a few weeks ago, I found these adorable boxed cards and I knew I just had to get them! I ended up buying three boxes (12 in each box, $5.99 each): two “thank you” boxes and one box of blank cards.

I’ve already sent a bunch out– I sent a few to those who sent me a birthday card; one out to an old friend; and another to a close friend who recently had a birthday. And yes, as you can imagine, I did use my colourful Sharpie pens ;)

Do you snail mail? Do you send “Thank You” cards?

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