5 Tips for bloggers working with brands

While I’m not the biggest brand ambassador out there, and Fresh-Season.com is still in its baby stages; I do know a few things about working with brands (although, I will say that I’m still learning!). In this post, I’ve decided to share a few tips that will help fellow bloggers connect with fabulous brands!

TIP 1: Create a Press Kit - When working and reaching out to brands, it is essential to have an up-to-date press kit! A press kit is basically a brief document that states what your blog is about, blog statistics, type of work available for brands (I.E, product reviews, giveaways, advertising) and rates, and your contact information. Typically, your press kit shouldn’t be more than two pages and should be in a .PDF format. If you have any questions regarding your press kit, you can leave them in the comments section. Here is a screen cap of my press kit:

TIP 2: Organize your Product Reviews – If you plan on writing product reviews, it is very important to display previous reviews on your blog. When I contact brands, I always refer them to my Reviews page so they can see A) what brands I’ve worked with in the past, and B) what to expect in a product review. You should also mention your reviews page in your press kit!

TIP 3: Review products that YOU purchased yourself - When I first started reviewing products, I was reviewing products that I purchased myself. I mean, brands are probably not going to send you items to review if you haven’t done it before! So, I would review about 10 products– in detail– before contacting brands.

TIP 4: Create a PR page on your blog – Creating a PR page on your blog is also important. When you do create one, make sure that the link is clearly visible on your main page. On this page, you should briefly mention what types of work you will accept (again, like product reviews, advertising, guest posts, etc) and if you want, your rates. Also remember to insert your email address on this page! You can find my PR page here.

TIP 5: When taking photos, try to use natural light! – I’ll admit, I do not own a fancy camera– it’s just a point and shoot. But because my camera isn’t the best quality, I try to take all of my photos with natural light. It just makes your photos look better. Examples of photos taken in natural light can be found in my Erin Condren Life Planner review. Another photo technique you can use, is to take pictures of your product using a nice background (instead of just your bed or desk). Try adding decorative wrapping paper to the background or a blanket with a nice pattern. You can find an example of this in my EOS review (I used wrapping paper, heh!).

Do you work with brands? Do you have any tips to add? If not, do you have any additional questions for me? (If I can’t answer them, I’ll try to get your question answered by one of my super brand ambassador friends!).

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